How To Play Scramble With Friends

Scramble With FriendsScramble With Friends is a made-for-mobile game where players compete against opponents to beat the clock and find as many words as possible on the game board. The game is social, simple, fast, and bonus-packed.

The game board is a jumbled 4×4 grid of letters and words are formed by connecting adjacent letters and as many as possible within a two minute time frame. Words may be formed vertically, horizontally, and diagonally.

Download Scramble With Friends: iTunes iOS / Android 

Start a New GameStart a new game by tapping the “Start A New Game” button. Select to play against Facebook friends, random opponents, or search for friends by username to begin a new match.

Each match consists of three rounds of two-minutes. Point are tallied at the end of each round and the player with the highest point total at the end of all three rounds wins.

  • Round One: Classic play with standard point values for each letter.
  • Round Two: ‘Double Down’, includes double letter and word values randomly placed on the game board.
  • Round Three: ‘Triple Crown’ with triple letter and word scores.

Tokens of Play


At the beginning of each round a token is required to play. Tokens can limit the number of games played over a certain amount of time. One token are earned back every 20 minutes in the free Scramble With Friends app and one every 10 minutes in the paid app. Additional token can be purchased.


Three Power UpsSpend tokens at the beginning of each round on Power-Ups. There are FOUR Power-Ups to select form and each has it’s own benefit during the game, they are Freeze, inspiration, scramble, and most recently vision. Two Power-Ups can be used each game, the first is free and the second costs a token.

  • Freeze adds 20 seconds automatically at the end of the game.
  • Inspiration is used to display three word hints, press the inspiration icon to reveal each.
  • Scramble will rotate the board and give a new perspective of the letters.
  • Vision gives you 3 words to find in the Scramble board. Once you find these three words, you are given an extra 15 seconds of time.

Players are now allowed to use 3 Power-Ups per round. The first Power-up is free, the second costs 1 token, and the third costs 3 tokens.

Words & Scoring

Scoring Summary

Form words by dragging you finger over the letters beginning with the first letter of the word. Once you lift your finger the word will be scored or rejected. Invalid already used words will be rejected.

Words are scored based on the total letter values, with similar scoring as Words With Friends, including double or triple letter or word multipliers.

After you have completed the round you will be returned to the results screen to compare your word count and score again your opponent. Proceed to the next round by tapping on the Next button at the bottom of the screen once your opponent has played their turn.

Quick Tips

  • Your goal is spell as many high scoring words as possible in 2 minutes.
  • Similar scoring and the same dictionary and match-making engine as Words With Friends.
  • In-game chat included.
  • Connect “with friends” — players can connect Scramble With Friends with their existing ‘With Friends’ account or Facebook Connect.
  • The second and third rounds have scoring modifiers, specific letter tiles that double or triple your scores.

Do You Scramble With Friends?

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